PS5 Giveaway Terms & Conditions

PS5 giveaway will be held on the main stage each day of the festival and the winners will be selected at random. 

The winner’s choice is final. 

PS5 giveaway is open for online paid ticket holders only. 

One entry for day ticket holders:  Thursday ticket holders will participate in Thursday giveaway only; Friday ticket holders will participate in Friday giveaway only; Saturday ticket holder will participate in Saturday giveaway only.

Multiple entry for 3 day and VIP ticket holders: 3 day and VIP ticket holders will be entered into the draw on all 3 days of the event.

PS5s will be provided by IBS. The consoles are not for exchange or resale. 

BME Global L.L.C. and IBS can’t be held responsible for any console failures or problems 

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