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Main Stage

2023’s Insomnia Egypt features esports finals, the Cosplay Masquerade, informative talks and fun interactive games for everyone to join in.


2023’s Insomnia Egypt holds the widest selection of games and the largest prize pool ever seen in Egypt.

Battle Royale

2023’s Insomnia Egypt provides a dedicated zone where gamers can entrench themselves in the experience of the most popular games in the Battle Royale genre.


Back in 2018 Insomnia Egypt Gaming Festival set out on a mission, to nurture and enable the cosplay community and talents, embarking on a new era of cosplay in Egypt. Our Cosplay Competition is the place where we push the Egyptian Cosplayers’ talents to their absolute maximum potential.


Local and international influencers, YouTubers and celebrities will be present across the three days to host tournaments and meet fans.

vr zone

Explore the latest VR experiences, games and accessories.

indie gaming

Insomnia Egypt ‘23 has the latest offerings from the minds of indie developers.

Mobile Gaming

Insomnia Egypt ‘23 gives their mobile gaming fans
a pleasant experience with the latest games available on mobile with daily tournaments.

Laser tag

Paintball is one of the top adventurous and safe sports where players compete using air pressured guns, which fire gelatin colored bullets. It simulates the battlefield in a very exciting and energetic way. 

Retail Zone

Catering to all your gaming (& geeking) needs – peripherals, gaming consoles, PCs – you name it, we’ve got it.

Chill Zone

Providing relaxing time for parents and gamers alike with comfy furniture and a total zen vibe.

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