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Insomnia Egypt Cosplay Competition

Insomnia Egypt is proud to lead the rapidly growing Egyptian and regional cosplay community and will be hosting its fifth Cosplay Competition. All cosplayers are welcome to join, international or Egyptian, this is Insomnia Egypt, a new world stage for Cosplay Competitiveness.

Whether you want to be involved and have a chance to show off your skills or if you simply want to see the pros battle it out in the Cosplay Competition, this is a show for you.

The deadline for all registrations is 14th of April 2024

Looking to get into the industry of Cosplay? Visit the Cosplay Zone to speak to the pros about best practice & techniques or get involved with interactive workshops breathing life into the biggest fictional characters from the worlds of gaming and pop-culture.

Prize Pool

The cosplay competition will feature a total prize pool of 170,000 EGP which will be distributed to the top 10 competitors

Tickets Reimbursement

All Cosplayers will get a 50% reimbursement of the ticket price at the event in cash upon presentation of their paid ticket while wearing their cosplay

Live on the main stage

The Cosplay Competition will be held on the main stage on Friday,26th April 2024.

Questions ?

​Do you have any questions about the sign-up or competition?
Write ​to us to cosplay@bme-global.com​

Total prize pool of EGP 170,000

1st Place prize = EGP 35,000.
2nd Place prize = EGP 30,000.
3rd Place prize = EGP 25,000.
4th Place prize = EGP 17,000.
5th Place prize = EGP 13,000.
6th – 10th Places prize = EGP 10,000 each.

Any size group may enter the Competition. However, if eligible for a prize, it will be split
evenly between participants.

General Insomnia Egypt Cosplay Rules

1. Please read the rule set for Insomnia Egypt 2024 Cosplay Competition

2. We know it’s super exciting to finally meet your favourite hero in real life, but please keep in mind that our talented cosplayers are also here to enjoy the event, just like you! Make sure to always ask permission first before taking a picture and keep in mind that they spent hours on their hand-made creations, so please don’t touch any of their props without consent.

3. Insomnia Egypt reserves the right to deny entry to the Cosplay Competition to anyone who violates the event rules.

Egyptian World Cosplay Summit (WCS) Qualifiers

Yes, that’s right – Egypt is going back to the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya, Japan this August!

This is a callout to all Egyptian Competitive Cosplayers!

Insomnia Egypt 2024 will hold Egypt’s second WCS Qualifiers. Our main stage will once again become the arena, where Egypt’s best compete to represent the country in the world’s most notorious cosplay championship.

Do you have what it takes to become ” Team Egypt” and carry your country’s flag to the world cosplay stage?  Do you have the skills to rank on top of everyone else? Do you have the courage to carry everyones’ hopes and expectations on your shoulders?

If “YES”, then be ready to compete for the title of 2024 WCS Egypt Representatives!

The World Cosplay Summit Qualifications

Insomnia Egypt Cosplay Competition is a separate competition held on Friday, 26th April.

WCS Qualifiers are open to the teams of 2 participants only.

Registration for WCS Qualifiers is through online form.
Registrations close at midnight on Sunday, 14th April.

Please read the full Egyptian WCS Qualifiers ruleset


How can I participate?

You have to be a team of 2 cosplayers, and you have to submit the form once.

Yes, it will be held on Friday, 26th April and it is separate from WCS Qualifiers

Both team members have to cosplay from the same series, and it has to be a Japanese production, whether it’s a movie, game, anime, etc. It does not have to be a new cosplay.

No. To compete in both WCS Qualifiers and Insomnia Egypt Cosplay Competition you need to have two different cosplays.

The ruleset explains it all in detail, but the summary is 200 points total, 100 of which on performance, and a 100 for the costume.

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